Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Aback! Today in English  and  with  my  own  first  music  video

"The street I call home"

Thanks again to Jonas Oelke, who made this possible. 

After exhausting hours full of work we succeeded. Especially our locations (harbor
 Gorch Fock) give  my song its own character. The time lapse and slow motion meant
a lot of work. I am very greatful for our result.
Scenes like the following one are one aspect what make the video clear and

understandable. There are not only ways what make life valuable. It is the little moment, 
it is the little scene, to which we restrict ourselves. Every single moment is precious and 
should be retained. This is reflected again here.
There are individual roads not only traveled ones that will shape our lives. Think about
 your own way and try to find and to make the most successful thereof. Each of us can 
change a little part and make the difference. Maybe there is something special that can 
be discovered by you.

Apropos my song "The street I call home" is written for guitar, but recorded with e-piano. 
Songs written on guitar, usually have a different status. Harmonies are easier to find.